Ø4_AARhus / Bassin 7, Aarhus, Denmark

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Ø4 AARhus / Bassin 7 is 254 unique apartments in a 20 storey building designed by BIG in cooperation with Gehl Architects. A theater will be build next door to AARhus. Peikko delivers DELTABEAM® and composite columns to both projects.


 The building is formed as 2 big organic AA's, which like two iconic pyramids welcome visitors to AARhus. The form of the building is not only made to create a beautiful building. It makes sure that all apartments get the optimal combination of sun and ocean view from the large terraces and roof gardens.

Ø4 is more than just apartments. You will also find exciting restaurants, cafés, a little theater, small swim houses, and a lot more. A building where art, culture and creativity plays a large role.

In AARhus there is lots of opportunity to be surprised, amazed, inspired or fall in love. An observation tower and a new harbor bath will also be build in cooperation with Aarhus council after a donation from the Salling Foundation.

During summertime it is possible to go swimming with your entire family or enjoy a dinner in the sun at the new urban waterfront. Apartments, restaurants, theater, harbor bath and allotments will be built at the same time. When you move into AARhus, you move into a magical and very alive town center.

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25 000 m2
20 residential + 3 theatre floors
Kilden & Mortensen
kivitelező cég:
MT Højgaard
BIG og Gehl Arkitekter
MT Højgaard
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Jonas Høg



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