Svåheia wind park, Rogaland area, Norway

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Peikko Group’s Norwegian subsidiary Peikko Norge AS delivered Rock Anchor Foundation Technology to Svåheia wind park, which is located at Eigersund municipality in Rogaland county, south-western part of Norway.

Peikko was responsible for the foundation design with the structural calculations and delivered all of the steel components to 7 wind turbine foundations.The deliveries included FATBAR® rock anchors, tower adaptor plates with tower flange connection bolts, drilling templates- and assembling system, special reinforcement steel technology.

Svåheia Vindpark Aps develops the wind park for the investors Skovgaard Invest ApS, Esmann Energy ApS and Dalane Kraft AS. The heavy machinery contractor Bertelsen & Garpestad AS was responsible for the civil earthworks and infrastructure. Their subcontracor Espeland Forskaling AS, carried out the technical assembly of steel components and casting works of the Peikko Rock Anchored Foundations. Vestas delivered to Svåheia 7 of  their V126-3.6MW turbines with hub heights of 87 meters. The wind park was operational at the end of 2017.

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Dalane Vind AS
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Bertelsen & Garpestad AS / Espeland AS
Peikko is also responsible for the structural calculations associated to the design of the Rock Anchor Foundations
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