The University Hospital, Pavilion Y, Olomouc, Czech Republic

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In the area of The University Hospital Olomouc, there rose up the first passive hospital building in the Czech Republic.

The project has proven that it is possible to simultaneously incorporate the needs of operating a hospital and to care for the environment.

The building of the pavilion, with five storeys and one underground level and a total floor area of over eight thousand square meters, began in February 2017 and the first patients were treated there 19 months later.

The use of DELTABEAM® Composite Beam allowed a structure to be created with large spans and small slab thicknesses. Thanks to the chosen structural design the building has a lower volume and a higher use value than conventional buildings of the same type.

Also thanks to construction without visible beams the elevation of all storeys is lower, saving more than 40 centimeters on a single floor. In a six-storey pavilion the use of beams from Peikko shortened the total height for almost two and half meters.

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projekt adatok

projekt mérete:
8000 m2
Fakultní nemocnice Olomouc
kivitelező cég:
OHL ŽS a.s., divize M-Morava
Ing. František Balcárek
Adam Rujbr Architects s.r.o.
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